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I offer a method to develop PLC software

which can be considered as very fast and

reliable. This is the message of my web

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Some PLC logical programs are very difficult to do, especially if they have multiple choices. In those cases an automated software development is recommended.

Automatic PLC software generator or High Speed Electronic Circuit Board design.

The customer send to my EMAIL Address what he expect the digital circuit inputs must do and when they act and how the digital outputs must react after each input state change. With this precise information I create the graphic below on which the inputs are light blue colored and the outputs red colored.

If everything is OK then the process starts and last for about three minutes, when a new electronic high speed circuit board or a PLC control software has been created.

If the information received fom the customer has been enough, complete and precise then the design software goes through about thirty programs which run in BAT(CH) mode, some of them QB language programs and others CPP Borland International language programs.

The disjunctive code created is perfect and will never fail. An expert can put the code inside the PLC in a very easy way, because it's a universal one which only has three parameters .NOT. -- .OR. -- .AND. which completes the program operating system.  Of course, if there are involved counters, timers or operational mathematics results, then what we call input can be a slave or what we call output can be again a slave.

The last two images represent a disjunctive circuit on which first appear the series rungs and then the parallel rungs and if needed at the end counters, timers and mathematical operations results. 

The QB blue screen represents a program generated in order to study if the code to be put inside the PLC is a perfect one, without errors. If this program gives a green light to continue, then a CPP Borland program will be created to simulate the whole program operating system.

This CPP Borland International Code make an EXE file which simulates completely the PLC operating system program.

You can download from "ABOUT" a PDF file regarding an  "Injection Plastic Moulding Machine".

An expert from the customer side can put the code inside the PLC.

Also it's possible to download from "ABOUT" a PDF file with the CPP code.






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